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# This script requires curl, git, jekyll (requires ruby, ruby-dev, build-essential (for make and gcc))
# and jq ( in PATH
# How to simulate cron environment
set -euo pipefail
# exit on non zero exit code, fail fast when variable not found, fail immediately when a command fails behind pipe
# Using this flags helps to ensure all commands returns 0 and also checks variables strictly
# If any build step fails, the script will be terminated
set -o xtrace
# ahem, debug mode
# constants
readonly current_sha_file='/tmp/yurtdisinda-calismak-current-sha'
readonly repository_url=''
readonly repository_commits_url=''
readonly web_folder='/var/www/html'
readonly build_folder='/tmp/build/'
readonly source_folder='/tmp/source/'
# Make it fail-safe with idempotent commands
touch "${current_sha_file}"
mkdir -p "${build_folder}"
mkdir -p "${source_folder}"
# Get latest commit SHA using Github API and Jq
readonly latest_sha="$(curl ${repository_commits_url} | jq --raw-output '.[0].sha')"
readonly current_sha="$(cat ${current_sha_file})"
# Compare current SHA with latest commit from upstream
if [ "${latest_sha}" = "${current_sha}" ]
echo 'Already up-to-date'
echo 'Updating to new version'
mkdir -p "${destination_folder}"
mkdir -p "${content_folder}"
git clone "${repository_url}" "${content_folder}"
# Create static version of content
/usr/local/bin/jekyll build --source "${content_folder}" --destination="${destination_folder}"
# Force symlink new build and don't follow current symlink
ln -nsf "${destination_folder}" "${web_folder}"
# Update latest commit SHA
echo "${latest_sha}" > "${current_sha_file}"
echo 'Done'
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