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oatpp secure ConnectionProvider based on libressl
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oatpp-libressl oatpp build status

This submodule provides secure server and client connection providers for oatpp applications. Based on LibreSSL.

More about oat++:


LibreSSL installed.


See: Full example project TLS-Libressl

Create server connection provider

#include "oatpp-libressl/server/ConnectionProvider.hpp"
#include "oatpp-libressl/Config.hpp"


const char* pemFile = "path/to/file.pem";
const char* crtFile = "path/to/file.crt";

auto config = oatpp::libressl::Config::createDefaultServerConfig(pemFile, crtFile);
auto connectionProvider = oatpp::libressl::server::ConnectionProvider::createShared(config, 8443);

Create client connection provider

#include "oatpp-libressl/client/ConnectionProvider.hpp"
#include "oatpp-libressl/Config.hpp"


auto config = oatpp::libressl::Config::createShared();
auto connectionProvider = oatpp::libressl::client::ConnectionProvider::createShared(config, "", 443);

Don't forget!

Set libressl lockingCallback and SIGPIPE handler on program start!

#include "oatpp-libressl/Callbacks.hpp"


/* set lockingCallback for libressl */
#include <csignal>


/* ignore SIGPIPE */
std::signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN);
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