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This project is no longer maintained.

Forks and continuation of this project

  • linux-wifi-hotspot - Fork that is focused on providing GUI and improvements.
  • linux-router - Fork that is focused on providing new features and improvements which are not limited to WiFi. Some interesting features are: sharing Internet to a wired interface and sharing Internet via a transparent proxy using redsocks.


  • Create an AP (Access Point) at any channel.
  • Choose one of the following encryptions: WPA, WPA2, WPA/WPA2, Open (no encryption).
  • Hide your SSID.
  • Disable communication between clients (client isolation).
  • IEEE 802.11n & 802.11ac support
  • Internet sharing methods: NATed or Bridged or None (no Internet sharing).
  • Choose the AP Gateway IP (only for 'NATed' and 'None' Internet sharing methods).
  • You can create an AP with the same interface you are getting your Internet connection.
  • You can pass your SSID and password through pipe or through arguments (see examples).



  • bash (to run this script)
  • util-linux (for getopt)
  • procps or procps-ng
  • hostapd
  • iproute2
  • iw
  • iwconfig (you only need this if 'iw' can not recognize your adapter)
  • haveged (optional)

For 'NATed' or 'None' Internet sharing method

  • dnsmasq
  • iptables



git clone
cd create_ap
make install


pacman -S create_ap


emerge layman
layman -f -a jorgicio
emerge net-wireless/create_ap


No passphrase (open network):

create_ap wlan0 eth0 MyAccessPoint

WPA + WPA2 passphrase:

create_ap wlan0 eth0 MyAccessPoint MyPassPhrase

AP without Internet sharing:

create_ap -n wlan0 MyAccessPoint MyPassPhrase

Bridged Internet sharing:

create_ap -m bridge wlan0 eth0 MyAccessPoint MyPassPhrase

Bridged Internet sharing (pre-configured bridge interface):

create_ap -m bridge wlan0 br0 MyAccessPoint MyPassPhrase

Internet sharing from the same WiFi interface:

create_ap wlan0 wlan0 MyAccessPoint MyPassPhrase

Choose a different WiFi adapter driver

create_ap --driver rtl871xdrv wlan0 eth0 MyAccessPoint MyPassPhrase

No passphrase (open network) using pipe:

echo -e "MyAccessPoint" | create_ap wlan0 eth0

WPA + WPA2 passphrase using pipe:

echo -e "MyAccessPoint\nMyPassPhrase" | create_ap wlan0 eth0

Enable IEEE 802.11n

create_ap --ieee80211n --ht_capab '[HT40+]' wlan0 eth0 MyAccessPoint MyPassPhrase

Client Isolation:

create_ap --isolate-clients wlan0 eth0 MyAccessPoint MyPassPhrase

Systemd service

Using the persistent systemd service

Start service immediately:

systemctl start create_ap

Start on boot:

systemctl enable create_ap