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some basic notes from the first time yoz saw rei

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+Rei needs
+ a way for it to decide which plugin will handle a query
+ knock out plugins as early as possible - before they take up cognitive load
+ have the plugins register themselves with a response plugin router.
+ some kind of response format.
+ deciding which parts of the response are being handled by which layer
+ personality is pluggable, maybe?
+ philosophy about what kind of experience do we want people to have.
+ do we have standards about what standards plugins should meet?
+ to what degree should people be tailoring their speech for rei?
+ where would we rather have rei say "I don't understand" than do something wrong?
+ What kinds of activities do we see her being targeted at?
+ "Queries that have something to do with me are the interesting ones"
+ "I love the fact that I can ask siri "When's my next appointment with Dr ____""
+ Siri is mainly tuned toward querying, rather than acting.
+ setting alarms
+ moving calendar items
+ Siri is not totally stateless.
+ we need contextualized stateful flows.
+ you should be able to run down a decision tree.
+ rei needs to be able to be useful. just a speech interface to google/wikipedia/urbandictionary is "meh"
+ What's our target environment?

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