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Benchmarking the OCaml compiler and all its friends
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ctk21 Merge pull request #48 from ocaml-bench/feature/ctk21/zarith_benchmarks
Initial import of some Zarith benchmarks
Latest commit dac7069 Aug 6, 2019


a benchmarking suite for ocaml

try make ocaml-versions/4.06.0.bench

running a given benchmark

make ocaml-versions/4.06.0.bench BENCH_TARGET=benchmarks/js_of_ocaml/bench


on Linux you need to have libgmp-dev installed for several of the benchmarks to work.

Multicore notes

running multicore specific benchmarks

make ocaml-versions/4.06.1+multicore.bench BENCH_TARGET=multibench


ctypes 14.0.0 doesn't support multicore. A workaround is to update dependencies/packages/ctypes/ctypes.0.14.0/opam to use as the source url.


This is only needed for multicore versions before this commit

The ocaml-update-c command in multicore needs to run with GNU sed. sed will default to a BSD sed on OS X. One way to make things work on OS X is to install GNU sed with homebrew and then update the PATH you run sandmark with to pick up the GNU version.

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