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DFG-Koordinierungsprojekt zur Weiterentwicklung von Verfahren der Optical Character Recognition


  1. core Public

    Collection of OCR-related python tools and wrappers from @OCR-D

    Python 102 27

  2. ocrd_all Public

    Master repository which includes most other OCR-D repositories as submodules

    Makefile 60 14

  3. spec Public

    Specification of the @OCR-D technical architecture, interface definitions and data exchange format(s)

    Python 13 6

  4. assets Public

    Test data for testing specs and software in @OCR-D

    Makefile 5 9

  5. OCR-D guidelines for Ground Truth production

    HTML 3 6

  6. zenhub Public

    Repo for developing zenhub integration


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