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Lwt 2.7.0
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@aantron aantron released this
· 1150 commits to master since this release


  • Values of types 'a Lwt.t are now referred to as promises rather than threads (#300). The manual has not yet been updated.


  • After this release, Lwt will switch to semantic versioning. Future breaking changes will first require deprecation, then a major version number increase (#293).
  • Lwt no longer supports OCaml 4.01 (#272).
  • Lwt_unix.fdatasync is no longer available on macOS. It was calling an undocumented system call on that system (#285, Jeremy Yallop).

Planned to break in 3.0.0




Bugs fixed

  • Ungraceful failure if directory handle used after Lwt_unix.closedir (#292).
  • Buffer overflow in Lwt_unix.readdir and Lwt_unix.readdir_n (#292).
  • Unnecessary allocations in Lwt_unix.readdir_n (#292, found Jeremly Yallop).


  • Annotate existing deprecations with [@@ocaml.deprecated ...] (5737f5b).
  • Improvements to the examples (#288, Rich Neswold).
  • Documentation fixes, including by Rich Neswold.
  • New tests and various minor internal improvements.
  • Run tests in CI with all OCaml warnings enabled (dadb926).
  • Much cleaner build output.
  • Add scratch/ directory for local use by developers.