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A cooperative threads library for OCaml.
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Lwt: lightweight thread library for OCaml

This library is part of the Ocsigen project. See:


If the dependencies are not installed on your computer, you can use OPAM to install them automatically. See:

They might also be available through your distribution.


  • run ocaml -configure to configure sources You can add --enable-<lib> to enable compilation of the sub-library . The flag --enable-all will enable everything, including --enable-ppx; pass --disable-ppx explicitly on OCaml <4.02. In order to compile without libev support you must add `--disable-libev`. On OCaml >= 4.02, you should pass '--enable-ppx' and install ppx_tools.
  • run ocaml -build to compile
  • run ocaml -install as root to install compiled libraries
  • run ocaml -uninstall as root to uninstall them

HTML documentation is generated in _build/lwt.docdir/, but is not installed by default.

If you get the development version you need to obtain OASIS (

The Lwt toplevel was deprecated and removed. Use utop instead:


  • Jérôme Vouillon
  • Vincent Balat
  • Nataliya Guts
  • Pierre Clairambault
  • Stéphane Glondu
  • Jérémie Dimino
  • Warren Harris
  • Pierre Chambart
  • Mauricio Fernandez
  • Gregoire Henri
  • Gabriel Radanne
  • Peter Zotov
  • Hugo Heuzard
  • Vincent Bernardoff
  • Romain Slootmaekers

See each source file for copyright information, and COPYING for license.

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