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TODO: Installer, octgnFX/Graphics, octgnFX/Lib, octgnFX/Octgn.Data, octgnFX/Octgn.LobbyServer, octgnFX/Octgn.Server, octgnFX/Octgn.StandAloneServer, octgnFX/Skylabs.Lobby


Octgn uses IronPython for its in-game scripting engine.

The python definitions go in You can call outside code with the following syntax: _api.function_name and it will call the corresponding function in ScriptApi.cs. For example, the following code found in is the random function:

def rnd(min, max):
  return _api.Random(min, max)

It calls Random with a min and max value that is located in ScriptApi.cs.


Octgn.Data is the access to the database (mostly). This project provides access to that data in meaningful formats. Most of the items in this project are relatively self-explanatory, but keep in mind that many of them are only the data counterparts of octgnFX/Octgn classes.

Some of the classes do not (as of yet) have direct connections to the database. Deck.cs is a prime example. Currently all decks are stored/accessed as individual files with the user determining name and location.

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