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Treasure Gram


A project to play with Django.

This project was created with Python 3.4 and Django 1.10.0.


Clone the repo and install all dependencies:

cd treasure-gram/Treasuregram
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the migrations:

python3 makemigrations
python3 migrate

Run the tests

python3 test

Start the server:

python3 runserver

And go to http://localhost:8000/

Concepts covered

  • Database migrations
  • Static files
  • Routes and settings
  • Passing contexts
  • Templating language
  • Template inheritance
  • Form-Model mapping and sending data to the server
  • Image uploading
  • Registering admin with models
  • One to many relationship User-Treasures
  • User pages
  • User authentication
  • AJAX communicating with views
  • Tests with unittest
  • Continuous Integration for Travis and gitlab-ci


Playing with Django



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