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Prepare reproducible conference posters using R Markdown


Although several workflows are currently available for academic poster preparation none of them are ideal. Commonly, point-and-click software is used to arrange poster content regardless of the analysis pipeline. Most of these software tools are proprietary, thus trapping our content. Typical free and script based tools such as $\LaTeX$ might not be appealing or seem as complex as using a point-and-click tool.

This package provides templates and helper functions to prepare R Markdown based conference posters with a free and reproducible workflow and produce output both in html for hosting and png for printing. Relies on the flexdashboard package to easily define poster layout.


This poster template depends on the following R packages

  • rmarkdown
  • flexdashboard
  • webshot

Preparing a new poster

In order to use this poster template, you need to:

  1. Install the odeleongt/postr package from github devtools::install_github("odeleongt/postr")
  2. Install the PhantomJS library webshot::install_phantomjs()
  3. Create a new R Markdown document in Rstudio based on the poster template, or run rmarkdown::draft("my_poster.Rmd", template = "poster", package = "postr")
  4. Render a printable A1 image postr::render("my_poster/my_poster.Rmd")