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A blazingly-fast replacement for Apple Dictionaries, Babylon, StarDict, etc. 📖 🚀
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kireledan and Nickersoft Bazel (#7)
* Began port to Bazel

* Added everything except Apache libraries currently

* Updated gitignore for Bazel + continued work on Clownfish

* Continued work on Clownfish

* Finished Bazel + removed Lucy because there seems to be NO WAY to get it working

* WORKSPACE: update to http_archive

new_http_archive has been removed. This commit updates the bazel workspace to
utilize the http_archive.
Latest commit 33634e0 May 13, 2019

Travis CI

The Open Dictionary Project (ODict for short), is an open-source alternative to proprietary dictionary file formats such as Babylon and Apple Dictionaries. Similar to Apple dictionaries, Open Dictionary files are converted from XML (currently in a draft specification described below) to compressed, serialized, bite-sized files. ODict is built on some of the fastest technologies to ensure maximum speed when performing lookups: Google Snappy (fastest compression), RapidXML (fastest XML parsing), and Flatbuffers (fastest serialization). Entries are searched in log(n) time, un-coincidentally the time complexity of an ordered map lookup.


  1. The ODXML Markup
  2. File Format Specification
  3. Using the CLI
  4. Building ODict
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