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Trivial implementation of 2048 for the terminal using python and ncurses
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A terminal/ncurses/python version of the original game at

  • Free software: GPL license


Open your terminal and type:

$ pip install curses-2048


$ easy_install curses-2048


$ 2048

256 colors

If your terminal has support for 256 colors you will see colors mimicking the original game, something like the screenshot above. If your terminal only supports 16 colors, you will se something like this:

Recent versions of xterm and gnome terminal are known to support 256 colors, if you do not see them, probably your environment variable TERM is not set accordingly. Do

$ export TERM=xterm-256color

or, if you are using screen or tmux

$ export TERM=screen-256color

to enjoy curses-2048 in full 256 colors glory.

Use the cursor keys to move and join tiles. Get to the 2048 tile!

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