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This minor release will just add Python 3.7 support as some distributors already provide this new Python version.

Nothing else has changed so if you have a running version of oemof v0.2.2 you won't have to do anything. It will just make things easier for people making a fresh installation of oemof on Python 3.7.

@uvchik uvchik released this Jun 30, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

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Some bug fixes, a revised storage component, more tests and some documentation improvements are worth a summer release 🌞 🌻 😎

See the whatsnew section of the documentation for detailed information.

Use github for bug reports and the forum for user questions.

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@jnnr jnnr released this Mar 19, 2018 · 335 commits to master since this release

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This late winter/early spring release comprises some new features like e.g. minimum up- and downtimes and some functions for processing of results. Some bug fixes and improvements keep oemof functional and up to date.

Checkout whats new for more detailed information.

@uvchik uvchik released this Mar 19, 2018

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If you still rely on the oemof v0.1.x API you should install v0.1.5 instead of v0.1.4.

pip install oemof==0.1.5

@uvchik uvchik released this Jan 12, 2018 · 519 commits to master since this release

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Let us start the new year with a new major release.

Unlike the release title this version will be more stable due to an improved testing environment.

With more than 700 commits, 100 issues and pull requests from 14 contributors this has been the release with the highest contribution of the oemof community. We improved the structure and the documentation to make it even easier to contribute in the future. Join our community and become a contributor of the next release.


  • New components added (GenericCHP, GenericCAES,...)
  • Revision of the Transformer class (now n inputs and n outputs) and a new Transformer class with an offset (y = ax + b)(experimental)
  • A start into the world of linear optimal power flow with electrical components
  • A new example repository with new examples and a basic example for beginners
  • The outputlib has been totally revised, with a clean structure for all results
  • Some useful additional constraints can now be found in the constraints module
  • The energy system can now be represented, plotted and analysed in a networkx graph
  • The documentation has been improved by new users who clarified things they did not understand at first glance

We established a user forum for the growing user community. Please sign in to ask questions or help other users.

Update from v0.1.x

You need to adapt your application if you update from a previous version. Have a look at the Whats new? section of the documentation to get an overview over all changes. The new examples will help you to understand the changes.

pip install oemof --upgrade

Use the user forum if you have problems with the adaption of your applications.

Known issues

  • oemof works fine, but the installation test (oemof_installation_test) does not work. Use the test in the example repository instead.
  • You still will not be able to optimise one time step but we are working on that. Please add a comment if you are effected by this issue.

@uvchik uvchik released this Mar 28, 2017 · 1253 commits to master since this release

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Now we learned how to test properly. There was a little difference that made the examples run if you installed oemof locally but not if you installed it from pypi.

We fixed that and skip 0.1.3 due to superstitions (1.3 is almost a 13). It is not true but a nice story 😏

Have a look at the 0.1.2 release to see the real changes.

@uvchik uvchik released this Mar 27, 2017 · 1280 commits to master since this release

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A revision of the installation guide and the examples will make it easier for new users to enter the world of oemof.

Some developments:

  • New transformer classes
    • Transformer with multiple inputs
    • Transformer with a variable fraction between its outputs
  • New slicing functions to make it easier to handle extensive results
  • Code clean up
  • Speed up the constraint building process

See the whatsnew section for more details.

If you want to talk to other oemof users, join our first user meeting.

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This release is conducted to get rid of dependencies with external servers.

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This version is for everyone still stuck on the old oemof but wanting to benefit from the new demandlib.

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We wanted people to install oemof and see how it works by executing the examples. This did not work after the installation. Therefore we added this hotfix version right after the big master release.