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Web analytics that handle your data with respect
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The offen analytics software

This repository contains all source code needed to build and run offen, both on the server as well as on the client. See each of the READMEs in the subdirectories for instructions on how to work on that particular area of the application.

Development of offen has just started, so instructions are rare and things will stay highly volatile for quite some while. Also do not use the software in its current state as it is still missing crucial pieces in protecting the data end to end.

Guidelines for running and developing the Software will be added when it makes sense to do so.

Project planning and issue tracking is done using Pivotal Tracker, but feel free to open a GitHub issue if you have a question or found a bug.

Developing the application

The development setup requires docker and docker-compose to be installed.

After cloning the repository, you can build the containers and install dependencies using:

$ make setup

Next, create a local encryption key for the kms service and seed the database for the server application:

$ make bootstrap

You can test your setup by starting the application:

$ docker-compose up

which should enable you to access http://localhost:9955/ and use the auditorium

Developing the homepage

In order to ease sharing of styles, the site is also part of this repository. It runs in a separate development environment:

$ cd homepage
$ make setup
$ docker-compose up

A live reloading development server will run on http://localhost:8000.


MIT © offen

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