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Awesome Offene Öffis Awesome

A curated list of delightful Open Data applications and libraries using Austrian public transport Open Data APIs –



  • WL-Generator - Generates a single JSON file containing the Wiener Linien line, platform and station information
  • wiener-linien - Same thing, but written in PHP. Tracks changes to the data source
  • ogd_realtime_status - Wiener Linien realtime API status page
  • OGD-WLCC-Aufzugsinfo - Matching static data about elevators in the Vienna public transport system with realtime outage data
  • wlapimonitoring - Azure Mobile Services (node.js) Project for Monitoring the Wiener Linien Realtime API
  • IsochroneMap - Draw an isochrone city map overlay using data from public transport authority
  • NWWIMP - Finding the closest Punschstand in Vienna


  • oeffimonitor - Displays an info screen with the next Wiener Linien public transport connections nearby.
  • raspberry-pi-public-transport - Real-Time departure monitor for Vienna public transport, built for Raspberry Pi
  • WL-Monitor-Pi - Wiener Linien Departure Monitor with Raspberry Pi

Mobile Apps

  • viennarealtime - Vienna Public Transport Realtime Information App for Windows Phone 8


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