Various Aggressor Scripts I've Created.
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Aggressor scripts for use with Cobalt Strike 3.0+

custom_payload_generator - creates various payloads for Cobalt Strike's Beacon. Current payload formats:

  • MSBuild .xml
  • JSC .js
  • Windows JScript .js (for wscript or cscript)
  • .JSP (Via PowerShell)
  • Tomcat .WAR (Via PowerShell)
  • PowerLessShell (Shellcode version) (Still uses MSBuild, but with RC4)
  • More to come... Ideas?

Other Aggressor Repos


Please feel free to submit a Pull Request with fixes or improvements to any of the existing scripts; however, my intention is to only keep Aggressor scripts that I've written in this repo.

If you have an idea for a script and would like to submit it somewhere, consider adding it to Lee Kagan's Aggressor Scripts Collection repo.