An in-browser WYSIWYG with a focus on keyboard navigation and quick prototyping
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Where dreams come true. DartMark is an in-browser WYSIWYG editor with a focus on speed and prototyping. The main benefits of it are:

  • Speed All actions can be performed with just a keyboard.
  • Ease-of-use There is no need to switch back and forth between a CSS editor and previewing anymore.
  • Configurability DartMark will let you define your own keyboard shortcuts and special JavaScript function macros.


DartMark is developed by members of the ΩF:∅ Working Group. Ask in #oftn on Freenode ( for support or if you have any questions about the project.

Default keyboard mappings

Space Toggle the help display
Cursor Movement
Tab Next node
Shift+Tab Previous node
Esc Clear selection
Left Parent node
Right First child
Up Previous sibling
Down Next sibling
Node manipulation
P Insert node before
N Insert node after
B Prepend node to children
A Append node to children
W Wrap node with new
E Change element tag
I Edit element ID
Enter Replace children with text
D or Delete Remove node