Backup and Restore your MongoDB of your meteor application easily.
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MongoDB Backup/Restore Script for Meteor

These are two simple scripts you can use to backup and restore your Mongo database of your Meteor application.


First of all, you should login to Meteor from the terminal. To do this, you should run :

meteor login

Enter your username and password when you are asked. If you don't have an account, you can register from Copy the two files to where you want to store your backups. The location doesn't have to be where your project is, it could ve anywhere on your computer.

To backup

While you are in the directory where the folders are, run :

./ <meteor_app_url> <meteor_password>

And the script will create a new folder backup-day_month_year-hour_min_secs and under that folder, there will be another folder your_app. All your backups will be under your_app.

To restore

While you are in the directory where the folders are, run :

./ <meteor_app_url> <meteor_password> <backup_dir>

The backup directory that you should restore from is your_app folder.