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Build and publish a Docker image to

Build and Deploy Documentation website

balcony is a modern CLI tool that with some killer features:

  • Auto-fill the required parameters for AWS API calls
  • Read the JSON data of any AWS resource in your account
  • Generate Terraform Import Blocks
  • Generate actual .tf Terraform Resource code

balcony uses read-only operations, it does not take any action on the used AWS account.

Visit the Documentation Website


pip3 install balcony

Visit Installation & QuickStart Page to get started using balcony

# see options

# list available resources of ec2
balcony aws ec2 

# read a resource
balcony aws s3 Buckets

# show documentation
balcony aws iam Policy --list

# generate terraform import blocks for a resource
balcony terraform-import s3 Buckets


Read any AWS Resource

balcony aws <service> <resource-name> --paginate command reads all resources of a given type in your AWS account.

Related Docs: QuickStart

Generate Terraform Import Blocks

Terraform v1.5 introduced import blocks that allows users to define their imports as code.

balcony terraform-import <service> <resource-name> command generates these import blocks for you.

balcony terraform-import --list to see the list of supported resources.

Related Docs: Generate Terraform Import Blocks Related Docs: Balcony Terraform Import Support Matrix

Generate actual Terraform Resource Code

If you have:

  • initialized terraform project
  • file that's generated with balcony terraform-import command

you can run terraform plan to generate actual .tf resource code.

This feature is achieved with the balcony-terraform-import Docker Image.

Related Docs: Generate Terraform Code with Docker Image

Interactive Wizard to create balcony import configurations

Balcony doesn't know how to create terraform import blocks for all of the AWS resources.

It can be taught how to do it by creating import-configurations yaml files, but it's a manual process. This is where the interactive wizard comes in.

Interactive Wizards asks you required questions to automatically create the import-configurations yaml files.

Related Docs: Terraform Import Configuration Wizard