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Ohua Development Team

This organization is outdated. You can find the most up-to-date Ohua version here:

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  1. stc-lang stc-lang Public

    Implicit monadic dataflow parallelism

    Haskell 9 3

  2. ohua-core ohua-core Public

    Core Haskell library for the compiler

    Haskell 5

  3. ohua-jvm-integration ohua-jvm-integration Public

    Integration for the ohua core library with the java platform

    Haskell 2

  4. ohuac ohuac Public

    A standalone compiler for ohua algorithms

    Haskell 1

  5. ohua-go-runtime ohua-go-runtime Public

    A runtime for Ohua in the Go language.

    Go 1

  6. ohua-rust-runtime ohua-rust-runtime Public

    A runtime for Ohua in Rust.

    Rust 1


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