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🕹️ A game starter template for Pico-8 developers!
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What is the "Pico-8 Boilerplate"?

💡 Tico-80 developer? I have ported this boilerplate here:

The Pico-8 Boilerplate is a basic template of common game logic and functionality for other game developers to use to base their Pico-8 games upon.


The Pico-8 currently supports features such as:

  • Basic Game Loop
  • Basic Scene Management
  • Common Global Variables (Screen width, screen height, etc)
  • Common functionality (collision checking, etc)

Have a request?

Feel free to open a new issue with your request and I'll consider adding it to the boilerplate! ...When I have a spare moment! :)

Want to contribute?

Simply fork and submit a pull request once you are done!

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