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Odroid-C1 Display Service for CloudI

Currently only the 16x2 LCD display is supported. This example shows how CloudI can isolate C dependencies for hardware so higher-level data processing can run decoupled (keeping the fault-tolerance constraints on both pieces of source code separate).

Compilation requires the Odroid-C1 wiringPi library fork.


The format for the service request is:

uint8  (7 status LEDs bitmask to set as off)
uint8  (7 status LEDs bitmask to set as on)
uint8  (7 status LEDs bitmask to set opposite value (toggle))
char[] (32 UTF8 characters, '\0' causes no display change)

The characters supported are limited by the HD44780U A00 character set which is commonly used for LCD displays.

The supported UTF8 characters are:

  • ' ' (no-break space)
  • ¢
  • ¥
  • °
  • µ
  • ·
  • ä
  • ñ
  • ö
  • ÷
  • ü
  • Σ (upper greek sigma)
  • Ω (upper greek omega)
  • α (lower greek alpha)
  • β (lower greek beta)
  • γ (lower greek delta)
  • ε (lower greek epsilon)
  • θ (lower greek theta)
  • μ (lower greek mu)
  • π (lower greek pi)
  • ρ (lower greek rho)
  • ₤ (lira currency)
  • ← (left arrow)
  • → (right arrow)
  • ∑ (n-ary summation (upper greek sigma))
  • √ (square root)
  • ∞ (infinity)
  • ⌜ (top left corner)
  • ⌟ (bottom right corner)
  • █ (full block)

The unsupported ASCII characters are:

  • \
  • ~


  • Add UTF8 Japanese characters
  • Add support for the A02 character set (?)