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Visualize budgets from various levels of the German government; based on the OpenSpending API
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OffenerHaushalt 3.0

This repository will contain the third edition of OffenerHaushalt, a front-end to OpenSpending Next with a focus on budgets from different levels of the German government.

Building the site

OffenerHaushalt is now based on jekyll.

Building all the _haushalte files takes quite long. For local development you might want to temporary remove most of those files and just keep a few to work with.

ATM the _plugins/embed.rb builds the _haushalte-collection three times which results in special cases for the collection-array.

The typical commands for jekyll based sites apply here too:

Install Dependencies with bundle install.

Build the site with bundle exec jekyll serve.

The page 'Liquid for designers' is a good reference to look up the template language. Debugging variables is also helpful.

Adding a new budget

Simply create a new file in _budget. Look at the other files already existing to see which fields are needed.

It gets its Data from the new OpenSpending.

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