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This is Redmine theme with tasks colours like Mantis tasks colors.


To install theme change dir to your redmine folder:

# do it from redmine folder
cd public/themes
git clone

Or download zip file from github site and unpack to dir ${redmine}/public/themes/redmine-color-tasks


This theme suggest colors for existing Redmine task types and two additional tasks Acknowledged (7) and Confirmed (8). Additional tasks may be added in "Adminstration" > "Issue statuses".

This simple theme conceived as overloading of existing theme. By default it overload the standart classic Redmine theme.

To enable theme go to "Administration" > "Settings" > "Display" and select theme "Redmine-color-tasks"

It's look like this:

Overview Classic Theme Screenshot


It is possible to overload any other theme by edition application.css file of that theme. Simple add inclusion of color_tasks.css to application.css file of your favorite theme.

For example to extends NYSenate Gitlab-looking theme with colored tasks. The result will be like so:

Overview Gitlab Theme Screenshot

To overload any theme add to its application.css next line, at the begin of file (for preload) or at the end (for overlapping):

@import url(../../redmine-color-tasks/stylesheets/color-tasks.css);

And go to "Administration" > "Settings" > "Display" and select just overloaded theme with modified application.css

License MIT

Serguei Okladnikov