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Oarsman: A WaterRower S4 Interface

Simple interface to the WaterRower S4 monitor (USB version)

This is a very early stage hobbyist program to interface with the WaterRower S4 monitor through the USB port. To be able to read from the S4, the Prolific PL2303 USB to serial adapter driver may need to be installed (OS specific). If required, there are versions for Mac and Windows on Prolific's site.

The available commands are:

version                   Print the version number
train                     Start a rowing workout activity
export                    Export workout data from database
import                    Import workout data from database
list                      List all workout activities in the database
remove                    Remove an activity from the database
help [command]            Help about any command

The program uses a SQLite3 database to store metadata about the workout activities. The database file and all raw workout logs are stored under the folder .oarsman in the user's home directory. The database is created automatically if it does not exist the first time the program is run.

To do a short 200m test workout:

$ oarsman train --distance=200

... now ... get rowing. Once done, come back to your computer and hit RETURN (unfortunately that's the best I can do right now). The program will save a log file with the raw activity event data, insert the activity into the database, and export a TCX file. This is an example of a full 110-minute session:

$ oarsman train --duration=110m
INFO: 2014/11/10 Using configuration defaults
INFO: 2014/11/10 Working folder: /Users/brunofr/.oarsman
INFO: 2014/11/10 Db folder: /Users/brunofr/.oarsman/db
INFO: 2014/11/10 Workout folder: /Users/brunofr/.oarsman/workouts
INFO: 2014/11/10 Temp folder: /var/folders/qv/g537wtg1543clytlpl0xn_tm0000gn/T/com.olympum.Oarsman
INFO: 2014/11/10 Starting single duration workout: 6600 seconds
INFO: 2014/11/10 Writing to /var/folders/qv/g537wtg1543clytlpl0xn_tm0000gn/T/com.olympum.Oarsman/2014-11-10T09:28:56Z.log
INFO: 2014/11/10 >>> Press RETURN to end workout ... <<<
INFO: 2014/11/10 WaterRower S4 02.10

INFO: 2014/11/10 Workout completed successfully
INFO: 2014/11/10 Importing activity from /var/folders/qv/g537wtg1543clytlpl0xn_tm0000gn/T/com.olympum.Oarsman/2014-11-10T09:28:56Z.log
INFO: 2014/11/10 Reading from /var/folders/qv/g537wtg1543clytlpl0xn_tm0000gn/T/com.olympum.Oarsman/2014-11-10T09:28:56Z.log
INFO: 2014/11/10 Writing to /var/folders/qv/g537wtg1543clytlpl0xn_tm0000gn/T/com.olympum.Oarsman/iWnsTDJtTgJXV_35f8aOlnVPu5zAsdWq71LRkOBxTW4=
INFO: 2014/11/10 Parsed activity with start time 1415611737000
INFO: 2014/11/10 Activity 1415611737000 saved to database
INFO: 2014/11/10 Activity log saved in /Users/brunofr/.oarsman/workouts/2014-11-10T09:28:57Z.log
INFO: 2014/11/10 Reading from /Users/brunofr/.oarsman/workouts/2014-11-10T09:28:57Z.log
INFO: 2014/11/10 Writing to /var/folders/qv/g537wtg1543clytlpl0xn_tm0000gn/T/com.olympum.Oarsman/4zd1VuBbntMg_HOsHU7MZte2vnhmvnnEmZmzR2jegDE=.log
INFO: 2014/11/10 Writing aggregate data to

If you did not save the TCX file, you can always export individual activities as TCX (Garmin Training Center). To find out the workout activity id, first list all available workouts using the list command:

$ oarsman list

The id for the 110' workout we just did is 1415685752200, which we can export with the export command:

$ oarsman export --id=1415685752200
INFO: 2014/11/11 Writing aggregate data to /var/folders/qv/g537wtg1543clytlpl0xn_tm0000gn/T/com.olympum.Oarsman/2014-11-11T06:02:32Z.tcx

Note that the activity data events (distance, stroke rate, heart rate, etc.) are captured from the S4 every 25 ms in the raw log, alongside with pulse and stroke events. The exports, in TCX and CSV, are done at a 1000ms resolution (1Hz), i.e. using a track point every second.

All workout activity files follow the RFC3339 for naming based on date and time.


Since GOVERSION 1.1 this project uses modules, and no longer leverages vendoring and govendor.