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Implemented OpenGL over EGL api. The changes are minor and shows how clean the switch from OpenGL ES to OpenGL can be.


This Change is because of errors when compiling with gcc 4.6.3. There is probably other changes but this at least fixes compilation problems on Ubuntu 12.04 and linux mint 13.

kphillisjr added some commits Aug 18, 2012
@kphillisjr kphillisjr Added more Debug information about EGL Contexts. 50dad0d
@kphillisjr kphillisjr Changed the location of the EGL Debug information query. ac0e599
@kphillisjr kphillisjr Fixed compile on systems involving XF86 video mode extension. ( propr…
…ietary driver )

Added extra debugging information pertaining to GLX extensions.
Added more documentation to OpenGL ES.
Fixed EGL initialization. Now the rendering api will properly initialize to OpenGL using EGL context.
@kphillisjr kphillisjr Added Small change to help verify Context information. This is to fin…
…d out if the OpenGL ( or OpenGL ES ) Context that was supposed to be created actually is.

Found a bug in mesa... It appears Mesa will try to make an OpenGL ES context no matter what. Even though All the proper information suggests that I am wanting an OpenGL Context. This is why commit #2fc65f2 exists.


This variable is still used in Windows/Mac OSX. This should help fix the problems with compiling on these platforms.


I wouldn't bother too much with Windows and OSX support. It's likely to go away as soon as I have time to make the big git rm -rf ... and unifdef the code.

I'll review the code later this week (probably, assuming Real Life(TM) doesn't have other plans...)


Uhh, so Real Life made other plans after all... I'll try to get to review it this weekend. Hasn't been forgotten, I've just been extremely busy lately.

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