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Home of Om recipes


Contributions welcomed! Please fork, branch, and submit a PR. If you'd like to help out with maintenance, drop me a message.


  1. Dev Setup Basic dev environment setup with chestnut that includes Figwheel, Weasel and ring server.
  2. Boot Setup How to start a new Om project with boot-cljs.
  3. Dimple Bar Chart Simple vertical bar chart created with dimple.js
  4. Views Multiple views of a single data source (using multimethods).
  5. Components Using Local State Making components with local state.
  6. Color Coded Input Validation
  7. Input Auto-completion
  8. Single Attribute Sortable Table
  9. Secretary Routing with Om Components
  10. Custom Toggle Buttons
  11. DataScript Query Browser
  12. Custom Scrolling Bar
  13. Circle Rotation Knobs
  14. Canvas Animation
  15. Kioo Example - Enlive/Enfocus Style Templates