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OMG Network

OMG Network is a Layer-2 scaling solution, built on plasma.

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  1. plasma-mvp plasma-mvp Public archive

    OmiseGO's research implementation of Minimal Viable Plasma

    Python 562 159

  2. ewallet ewallet Public archive

    eWallet Backend for the OmiseGO SDKs.

    Elixir 323 74

  3. elixir-omg elixir-omg Public

    OMG-Network repository of Watcher and Watcher Info

    Elixir 210 59

  4. plasma-cash plasma-cash Public archive

    Python 123 34

  5. plasma-contracts plasma-contracts Public

    Root chain contracts for Plasma

    JavaScript 113 66

  6. airdrop airdrop Public

    Python 83 37


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