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On-Prem virtual appliance & live image administration

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On-Prem installs the On-Prem Admin package in /opt/jidoteki.

This repository contains bash scripts, ansible roles, and other files needed to perform remote virtual appliance or live image administration, updates, etc.


  • PicoLisp 32-bit or 64-bit v17.12+
  • Tested up to PicoLisp v20.6.29, see test runs
  • Ansible 1.8.4 to 2.7.x
  • curl
  • git
  • sha1sum (from core-utils)
  • dos2unix (from busybox)
  • symlinktool for running backups
  • openssl v1.0.2+, for validating TLS certs
  • stunnel for validating TLS certs


# replace <destdir> with the directory prefix to install the files
ansible-playbook jidoteki.yml -c local -i images.inventory -e prefix=<destdir> --tags=admin


There exist two tags for running the ansible roles:

  • admin: executes every task in the role, installing all On-Prem Admin scripts
  • lib: only executes tasks related to the lib dependencies, without the On-Prem Admin scripts

admin role

The admin role configures directories and files in /opt/jidoteki/tinyadmin:

  • Create admin directory structure
  • Create admin directories writeable by root/admin
  • Create admin sftp uploads directory
  • Add SSH admin management scripts
  • Add SSH admin wrapper script
  • Add SSH admin lib dependencies


To run the tests, type make check


See the Changelog.


This project is MIT licensed, see the LICENSE file for more info.