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A ruby wrapper around OpenCNAM api. Lookup cell phone caller ID in supported countries. See


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'caller_id'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install caller_id


c = "+1 (202) 456-1414", open_cnam_username, open_cnam_api_key
# Username and key are optional. Sign up at to get them.
# {:cnam => "WHITE HOUSE SWI", :number => "2024561414"}

Note: if a number has not yet been mapped by OpenCNAM, you'll get a response containing :retry => true (see the spec).

In that case you should wait a few seconds and then try the call again. You may want to do this in a background queue.

Also note, the "cnam" value returned by a successful lookup is just a caller id string, all caps, with varying semantics.

I've seen:

  • [first last]
  • [last first]
  • [last, first middle]

If you do need to parse it into first and last name, be aware that the string format varies wildly. One possible approach would be to do this:

first_and_maybe_middle_initial, last = result[:cname].split(",",2).reverse.join(" ").split(" ",2)

But be warned that this will not always parse them correctly, and that in some cases the string returned might not even be a name (see the White House example). You might want to treat it as a "best guess" that should then be confirmed via other sources.

If you do not sign up for a username and API key with OpenCNAM, be aware that they currently throttle free requests to 60 per hour. Also note the username and API keys will soon be associated with a price plan.


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