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Ona Python API
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Python bindings to the OnaData API

This repo contains the sources for the OnaData python client library. You can read more about OnaData here


pip install git+

OR as a pip editable if you'd like to develop this in parallel with your project:-

pip install -e git://

Example Usage


from onapie.client import Client
client = Client('', username='your_ona_username', password='S00p3rS3kret')

or if you prefer to use your api_token:-

client = Client('', api_token='your_ona_api_token')

Working with forms

Upload form:

  • From file forminfo_dict = client.forms.create('/path/to/form.xls')
  • From URL forminfo_dict = client.forms.create('/path/to/form.xls')

Get form:

  • Info forminfo_dict = client.forms.get('form_pk')
  • Representation json_form_repr = client.forms.get('form_pk', 'JSON')

List forms:

  • Full list form_list = client.forms.list()

Working with Data


  • List all data endpoints data_endpoints =

Get submitted data for a given form:

  • All: form_data_list =
  • Single: form_datum =, datum_id)
  • By tags: form_data_list =, None, tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4)
  • By query:- form_data_list =, None, param1=value1, param2=value2 )


  • [Fork and] create a branch named according to the feature you want to work on
  • Clone your new repo & create a virtualenv for it
  • Install the dev dependencies: pip install -r dev-requiremets.txt
  • Setup the pre-commit Hook: ln -s ../../ .git/hooks/pre-commit
  • Contribute/Develop/Hack
  • Send a pull request against the develop branch
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