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Railroad Ink


This is a web-based version of the Railroad Ink Board Game. Implemented features:

  • base game, lakes expansion
  • playable and installable on mobile devices
  • online multiplayer
  • score visualization
  • works offline
  • saving the game board as an image

Please report any bugs found to the issue tracker.

How to play

Familiarize yourself with game rules first. Rules for the forests expansion follow.

Playing the game is very straightforward; you pick pieces by clicking/touching the dice pool and you place them by clicking/touching the game board afterwards. To rotate a tile, place it and then touch it again. To remove a tile, double-click/double-touch it.

You shall end the turn after placing all dice (and optionally one dice from the bonus pool) by clicking the corresponding button.


The game server has been recently reworked to support the newest Deno version. Please open an issue if the multiplayer component looks buggy.

The game supports online multiplayer setup, provided that all participants have a working internet connection. Please note that a central server is used; if it comes down, the multiplayer component will not work.

In order to play online, the first player must create the game (and name it appropriately). Other players can then join the game (they need to use the exact game name) and wait for the host to start.

During the online match, you may freely close and re-open your app. The multiplayer menu will then have a Continue option enabled which can be used to re-enter a game in progress.

Forests expansion

"The old forests are beautiful. We are not allowed to cut them down, but passengers love the view while passing them."

Rules (created by Niklas Thomas):

  • The Game only lasts for 6 regular rounds (+1 pre-round)
  • During the first round both players draw 4 forests spaces somewhere on their board
  • Forest spaces may not be overbuild, Routes may connect to forest spaces, but they counts as Errors at the end of the game.
  • Edges of forest spaces never counts as errors
  • Each Route adjacent (not diagonal) or connected to at least one forst space is worth 1 point at the end of the game.