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Openscad Bitbeam library for easy create Bitbeam, M-Bitbeam, LEGO® Technic or Clementoni® compatible parts.

I create this library because some other libraries don't have all what i want. First I create my own extends, that i create one library with full functionality which I want.


unit:Is size of one bit in millimeters, which is 8 for Bitbeam or LEGO® by default. Clementoni® parts have 9.
hole:Hole diameter in millimeters, which is 4.8.
rim:When is set to true, all holes have rim, like LEGO® Technic parts. Default value is false.
rim_h:Rim height in millimeters, which is 1.
rim_d:Rim diameter in millimeters, which is 6.
$fn:Openscad number of fragments used by holes and cylinder_ parts. Library set this to 25.


All parts have some required parameters, and some optional name parameters. There are one parametres for all parts h.

h : float
Height multiplier for part. Default value is 1. When value is less then 1, side holes are never generated. When value is less then 0.27, rim are never generated.
side_holes : bool
Some parts, could have side_holes, which is true by default. When parameter is set to false, no side holes are generated.
skip, skip_side: vector
Some parts, could have easy way to skip some holes. This parameters are vector of indexes, start from zero, which holes could be skipped.

There are tho groups of parts, one with prefix cube_ and one with prefix cylinder_. The difference is with starts and stops of parts. Cylinder looks more like LEGO® Technic parts.


holes with rim example
module holes(size, h=1, skip=[]);

Holes module is used in parts. Holes start from center with unit space. For more details about height, rim and skip, see parts start.


arm example
module cube_arm(size, h=1, side_holes=true, skip=[], skip_side=[]);
module cylinder_arm(holes, h=1, side_holes=true, skip=[], skip_side=[]);
module mix_arm(holes, h=1, side_holes=true, skip=[], skip_side=[]);

Arm modules are the base modules. They generate plain part with long site*unit with holes. Center of arm is in center of first bit. Special mix_arm start as a cube but end as cylinder.

size : number
Length of part in units.
h : float number
Height multiplier for part, that means Z value.
side_holes : bool
When is false, no side_holes will be generated.
skip : vector
Vector of holes indexes from 0, which will be not generated.
skip_side : vector
Like skip, but for side holes.


angle example
module cube_angle(left, right, angle=45, h=1, side_holes=true);
module cylinder_angle(left, right, angle=45, h=1, side_holes=true);

Angle modules create parts from two arms left and right, which are in 180-angle angle. That is standard for tube nodes. Center of arm is in center of middle bit. As you can see in example, middle bit are shared of both left, and right arm. This middle bit never have side hole.

left : number
Length of left part arm.
right : number
Length of right part arm.
angle : number
Degrees of angle between arms.


frame example
module cube_frame(x, y, h=1, side_holes=true);
module cylinder_frame(x, y, h=1, side_holes=true);

Frame modules crate frame from four arms without side hole in corners.


bae example
module cube_base(x, y, x2=0, h=1, fill_holes=true);
module cylinder_base(x, y, x2=0, h=1, fill_holes=true);

Base modules can create two type of base parts. First is like frame with fill, second is trapezoid.

x2 : number
If is 0, which is default, that will create cuboid with parallel sides, but when is another than x, that create trapezoid.
fill_holes : bool
If is set to true, which is default, base will be full of holes. Otherwise only squared arms will have holes. Side holes are not in trapezoidal side, and all holes ends in front of this side.


bae example
cube_plate(x, y, x2=0, h=1, holes=[0, 1, 2, 3]);
cylinder_plate(x, y, x2=0, h=1, holes=[0, 1, 2, 3]);

Plate modules are similar to base modules but with other interface and other functionality. Modules create block with size x and y. And could be create triangle with x2=1 value.

x2 : number
If is 0, which is default, that will create cuboid with parallel sides, but when is another than x, that create trapezoid.
holes : vector
Holes are index of sides, start with zero, where holes will be generated. Default value is [0, 1, 2, 3] which holes on all sides. Holes on last trapezoidal side are rotated.