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Czech names and surnames greeting generator API PHP wrapper. Service is available at the url



"ondrs/hi": "1.0.1"


Create a new Hi instance and specify a caching storage where the downloaded content will be cached - you don't want to call the API for the same name again and again. Additionally, you can set if you are looking for a name or a surname.

$hi = new ondrs\Hi\Hi(new Nette\Caching\Storages\FileStorage('path/to/cache/dir'));

Call appropriate method (mr() or ms()) according to assumed gender. If you are not sure about the gender, call the method to().

$greeting = $hi->mr('plšek');
$greeting = $hi->to('plšek');

You will receive an sdtClass object with 4 properties or a FALSE in the case that greeting generator have not been successful.

stdClass(4) {
   nominativ => "Plšek" (6)
   vocativ => "Plšku" (6)
   type => "surname" (7)
   gender => "male" (4)

In the application you can get your greeting via vocativ property.