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A super simple Hugo theme
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a minimal hugo theme

For a live demo, visit this demo site.

Milano is a Hugo theme based on Xmin by Yihui Xie. In the spirit of Xmin, this theme does not use any javascript or use any complex css like bootstrap. However, several changes were made to the layout and features available in this theme.

A number of features added:

  • Added support for clickable tags and categories to show in posts
  • Added support for Google Fonts. Simply add your favorite Google font in config.toml
  • Added social media links to the footer, using Font-Awesome
  • Added pagination to list.html with customization available in config.toml. This adds arrows to the bottom of the homepage as well as other list pages (e.g. /post/)
  • Added Disqus and Google Analytics Support (just add your short-name and GA site-id to config.toml)
  • Added Related Posts feature
  • Added Post Navigation below posts
  • Made modifications to the overall look and style

As with Xmin, it is fully functional. It supports pages (including the home page), blog posts, a navigation menu, categories, tags, and RSS.

All pages not under the root directory of the website are listed below. You can also visit the list page of a single section, e.g., posts. See the About page for the usage of this theme.

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