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Adds console commands to your Tabletop Simulator game


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A Console module to add textual commands to your Tabletop Simulator mods, generally for debugging. console.ttslua provides the basics needed to add commands to your games, and console++.ttslua is an example module which adds a full debug system for accessing and monitoring your program's structure.


Console module, allows you to add commands to your Tabletop Simulator mods. Commands are prefixed by a > (though you can change this to w/e you want). You can also add validation functions to check the messages players are sending.

Built-in console commands:

  • help/? Lists available commands or provides information on specified command
  • info Displays help on all available commands. Alias for help -all
  • alias Creates an alias of another command with preset parameters
  • echo Display text
  • cls Clear console text
  • = Evaluates the specified expression
  • cmd Enter command mode: no longer required to type > before commands
  • exit Exit command mode
  • > Type this on its own to toggle command mode

Main functions it gives you access to:

  • console.add_validation_function Adds a validation function all chat will be checked against
  • console.add_player_command Adds a command any player can use
  • console.add_admin_command Adds a command only admins can use


Example module demonstrating how to use the base module, though this is a useful debug tool in its own right and will become more feature-rich over time.

The runtime envirorment is treated like a filesystem, allowing you to view and access global variables. Included commands:

  • ls/dir List tables, variables, objects and functions at your current location or location specfied.
  • cd Change the table you are currently located in.
  • cd.. Change the table you are currently located in to its parent.
  • add Add a variable or table.
  • set Set the variable specified to the value specified.
  • tgl/toggle Toggle the boolean variable specified.
  • rm/del Remove the variable specified.
  • call Call the function specified. You may then store the result with set or add.
  • ~ Display result of most recent function call or expression evaluation.
  • exec Execute a series of commands.
  • watch Watch a variable or object; display it if it changes.
  • shout Broadcast a message to all players

All commands in console++ except shout are locked to admin players only. Also includes simple swear-word blocking message validation.



If you are using Atom with the TTS plug-in then put console.ttslua and console++.ttslua in folder <your user folder>/Documents/Tabletop Simulator/Console, and then in your code you can simply write #include Console/console or #include Console/console++ (be sure to enable the #include feature in the package settings).

If you're using a different editor then you can simply paste the code for console.ttslua into your own. If you want to use console++.ttslua then paste it below that, and remove the #include console it starts with.


Adds console commands to your Tabletop Simulator game








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