Running the OneSocialWeb Console

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Running the Console

Pre requisite

You need a Java 6 Runtime environment to execute the console.
Optional: If you want to compile yourself you also need the Ant build tool to compile from sources.

Compile (optional)

Executing the ant build script should be enough. Just type ‘ant’ from the root.


Just execute the jar file provided in this package:

java -jar osw-console.jar


In the console, type /help for a list of available commands. On the prompt, you can:

- execute a command by prefixing it with a / (e.g. /connect
- update your status by typing it and pressing the Enter key

Example flow

  • Connect to the server
  • Login
/login eschnou
  • View the activities of another user
  • Subscribe to a user (equivalent of ‘follow’ in twitter world)
  • View a list of subscriptions (who you are following)
  • View a list of subscribers (who is following you)
  • View the profile of another user
  • Post your first status update
Hello, World
  • Shout a message (public) towards another user (who does not have to follow you)
Message: Hi dude !
  • Go back to your inbox
  • Change your profile avatar, name and bio
/set photo
/set fn
/set note

Funktional overview (output of /help command)
Command parameter: description (while the “:” is NOT part of the command)

  • /connect server [port]: connect to server at optional port
  • /disconnect: diconnect from server
  • /login username: login user username, password will be prompted
  • /register: register a new user on the connected host
  • /inbox: shows the current user inbox
  • /activities [jid]: shows the activities of the current user or another jid
  • /subscribe jid: subscribe to the givn jid activity stream
  • /subscriptions: list of users the current user is subscribed to (following)
  • /subscribers: list of users subscribed to current user (followers)
  • /unsubscribe jid: unsubscribe from the given jid activity stream
  • /relations [jid]: shows the relations of the current user or another jid
  • /profile [jid]: view the profile of the current user or another jid
  • /privacy: change the current privacy default (used when posting activities)
  • /set key value [type]: add a given key value in the profile
  • /clear key: remove all entries with given key from the profile
  • /relation [add|update] [id]: add or update a relation
  • /upload: display an upload token
  • /quit: quit the client
  • any text: publishing a text to the currently choosen amount of users (change the user through /privacy)
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