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Firestarter readme

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is a simple out of the box front-end templating base used for building new websites created and maintained by Nino Ross Rodriguez. Firestarter is not to compete with other frameworks, but more on to provide a very easy and structured framework for any developer to use.

Technologies used









Code Management

Automated tasks

This project uses Gulp to run automated tasks for development and production builds. The tasks are as follows:

gulp --production: Same as gulp serve --production also run gulp test and not boot up production server

gulp serve: Compiles preprocessors and boots up development server gulp serve --open: Same as gulp serve but will also open up site/app in your default browser gulp serve --production: Same as gulp serve but will run all production tasks so you can view the site/app in it's final optimized form

gulp test: Lints all *.js file in the source folder using eslint and runs all *.test.js file unit tests through Karma and Jasmine gulp test --watch: Same as gulp test but will constantly watch *.test.js files and rerun tests when changes are detected

Adding the --debug option to any gulp task displays extra debugging information (ex. data being loaded into your templates)