This is an updated & modified version of the official Calibre plugin for Pocket (Formerly ReadItLater)
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Pocket recipe for Calibre

This is a fork of the original 2011 Calibre ReadItLater plugin.

I (@tbunnyman) have not used Pocket since 2013 and therefor am no longer activly developing this. I will check and merge pull requests for bugs and non-distruptive features but if you wan to go crazy I totally encorage forking and sharing.


  • Under the "Fetch News" drop down select "Add a Custom Source"
  • Click "Load Recipe From File" and choose the Pocket.recipe file
  • Edit max_articles_per_feed & minimum_articles to set your max and minimum articles downloaded per eBook
  • Save and Close
  • Under "Schedule News Download" Select the new Pocket recipe under custom and fill out your credentials


Pocket v1.4

  • The first photo in an article is now included with the article

Pocket v1.3.1 (The 'I rushed 1.3 because of api changes' bugfix release)

  • Default mark as read again
  • fix mark as read errors
  • fix tag filtering
  • Added h1 titles to articles

Pocket v1.3

  • Updated to the new v3 of the API
  • Switched off the old, now broken, text view
  • Added ability to switch between oldest to newest & newest to oldest
  • Added ability to filter by tag (only one because of the API)
  • Automatically filters out saved items in the queue that do not have articles (pictures and videos)
  • Big thanks to Mila Frerichs for the help with the new text view!

Pocket v1.2

  • Added new feature to fail with a warning instead of an error when not enough articles are found
    • This feature is not yet in 0.8.51 so you will still get the conversion error

Pocket v1.1

  • Check for article pages that are empty or malformed. Fixes issue #3 (Exception when there is no article)

Changes from ReadItLater v3 to Pocket v1.0

Changes from 2011 version to ReadItLater v3

  • Displays articles from oldest to newest
  • Uses max_articles_per_feed to determine how many articles to download per eBook (Default 50)
  • Has a minimum_articles setting at the top. Plugin fails to run if you don't have enough articles (Default 10, set to 0 to disable)
  • Marks downloaded articles read with option at the top to disable
  • Shows timestamp on the cover under the date


I have removed the Official/Original code I was posting here, since this fork has been merged into the official codebase, please reference the official code repository for the source.