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What is that hex color? 🤔

All my apps use hex color now. But when browsing the source code, it's hard to know which color it is, I normally need an app or go to Chrome to checkout the color, I want to do that within Xcode

That's why I made XcodeColorSense, which shows us the color for a particular hex or rgb color. But from Xcode 8+ it is not possible to have Xcode plugin.

So this is my 2nd attempt to make that available in Xcode, through Xcode Source Editor Extension. I used Farge to find name of a hex color

I want to use framework in the extension, but Xcode keeps complaining about that

I use GifCapture to capture the gif. Here I use key binding Cmd+Ctrl+S to toggle color info

How to install

How to use

  • Color Sense is available in Editor -> Color Sense -> Color Sense. Click it to show color name, click it again to hide color name

  • Use key binding to make it more convenient


Khoa Pham,


  • Thanks Chris for showing me color literal