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Elasticsearch front-end for searching through meeting data from 100+ municipalities


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OpenBesluitvorming Search

Search through meeting documents of 140+ Dutch local governments. Powered by Open Raadsinformatie.

Check it out at!

Using the ORI API

Check out the API docs and the example requests.

Run front-end

  • cd front
  • yarn
  • yarn dev

Run server

  • cd server
  • yarn
  • yarn dev

Run using docker

  • Buid the docker image docker build . -t argu/ori-search
  • ... Or pull it from dockerhub: docker pull argu/ori-search
  • Run it docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -e PORT=8080 argu/ori-search
  • Visit http://localhost:8080

Contribution guidelines



Semaphore tracks the master branch and deploys succesful builds to a public docker hub repository.


The front-end is a search and browse GUI. It's a typescript react application that uses reactiveserach for search components, link-redux for linked data (RDF) resource rendering and react-pdf to display PDF files.

The server is a node express application that serves as both a static file server and a proxy that forward elasticsearch queries to the elastic endpoint of open raadsinformatie.

Re-using OpenBesluitvorming components in your stack

The /front/components/views/ library contains react components that use link-redux to render the data from the Open-Raadsinformatie API. This repo is MIT licensed, so feel free to use these components in your own application. If you need any help during development, please check out the link-redux wiki. Feel free to create an issue or reach out to

Connecting with Elasticsearch

Make sure ES has the correct proxy settings.


  • VNG Realisatie for funding.
  • Open State Foundation for providing useful feedback on this project and starting Open Raadsinformatie.
  • Software developed by Joep Meindertsma from Argu / Ontola.
  • Feedback from @breyten, @aolieman, @fletcher91, @jurrian
  • Various open source projects that we're using, most notably ReactiveSearch and Link-Lib. Check out the package.json files to see which projects were used.
  • @aolieman and Hendrik fpr implementing the Glossary feature (select text in PDF to view definition).


Elasticsearch front-end for searching through meeting data from 100+ municipalities







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