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Import tool for a nice android app MyExpenses by Michael Totschnig


  • Use category as a counter-party
  • Classifies assets between cash, bank etc. I.e. accounts like Assets:Cash:Wallet where Wallet is the name of the book
  • Support for split transactions
  • Aggregation of multiple transaction within a same second as a multi-posting transaction

Suggested workflow

  • Maintain both ledger journal and MyExpenses.
  • Keep account names and payees in MyExpenses in sync with main ledger journal.
  • You may want to have root categories with names like Expenses:Food and assets like Bank:Card.
  • If you need to generate transaction with multi-way 3+ postings you can create them with command "Save and new" which effectively keeps exact time.
  • Periodically backup data from MyExpenses and append output of this tool to ledger journal.
  • Sort generated transaction as you like but keep refs:... tags intact.

Pass --excludes option to this tool with a path to file with full ledger journal to avoid re-generating old transactions. If your journal is scattered over multiple files you can use output of ledger print.

Under bash you can use ledger print | ./ -x -.

Under zsh you can use ./ -x <(ledger print).

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