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GPL licenced Android Expense Tracking App.

My Expenses is an Android app designed to keep track of your expenses and incomes, and to export them as QIF files into a desktop finance tool, like Grisbi (Open Source), Gnucash (Open Source), MS Money, Quicken or Wiso Mein Geld.
Works on Android 5.0 and above.

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play


  • Up to five accounts with transfers (unlimited in Contrib version)
  • Define plans (3) for future and recurrent transactions (unlimited in Contrib version)
  • Group transactions per day, week, month, year and display sums per group
  • Two levels of categories (import from Grisbi XML), display distribution of transactions in Contrib version
  • Split transactions (Contrib version)
  • Calculator
  • Export to QIF and CSV (MS Excel), can be automatically shared (via email, FTP, Dropbox, ...) and done in batch in Contrib version
  • Password protection, recoverable with security question in Contrib version
  • Integrated Help
  • Data backup and restore
  • Aggregate financial situation over all accounts with same currency
  • Two themes: light and dark


My Expenses relies on a couple of open source libraries :

and on the contribution of many users that helped make My Expenses available in 34 different languages.

Various components (CalculatorInput, QifParser, FolderBrowser, HomeScreenWidgets, WhereFilter and AutoBackupService) have been inspired by Financisto. WebDAV setup inspired by Car report.

Code has also been contributed by:

  • khris78 (Configuring and applying custom colors to accounts)
  • Ayman Abdelghany (Applying Sonar code quality checks)
  • eltos (Improved Input Dialogs and Color Pickers)


git clone --depth 1
cd MyExpenses
export ANDROID_HOME={sdk-dir}
./gradlew build


My Expenses now has experimental support for inserting data from third party apps. See