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Mapnik stylesheets for OOMap (as used at when zoomed in) and other raster tile layers (e.g. the "futurecity" stylesheet is used at

The stylesheets are based on the "old" (pre-2012) osm.xml stylesheet at that used to be used for the "main" map rendering on



You need a copy of the OpenStreetMap data on a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database (I'm using PostgreSQL 9.3) - either the whole world or for a specific area, e.g. from

Put the data on a database using osm2pgsql:

You also need the coastline data from OpenStreetMap which is distributed as a shapefile. Use the large split "Mercator" one from here:

Contours are a bit more involved. I use, for Great Britain, the set from Ordnance Survey Terrain 50:

These can then be put into a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database using shp2pgsql with comes with PostGIS.


Once the data is ready, Mapnik (including its python bindings) needs to be installed. I'm using mapnik 3.0.19 and python-mapnik built against this version and with pycairo. These are the latest versions on Ubuntu bionic's package manager.

The script at to generate sets of tiles from the stylesheets.

Note the futurecity.xml stylesheet requires msttcorefonts - & you'll need to let mapnik know where these live, e.g. in the python script:

custom_fonts_dir = '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/'



The example images, using the XYZ map tile convention, have x=16090, y=10213, z=15. See for further details.

futurecity futurecity

futurecity_unicode futurecity_unicode

streeto streeto (streeto_global and streeto_ioa are similar but with no contours)

streeto_norail streeto_norail (streeto_norail_global and streeto_norail_ioa are similar but with no contours)

oterrain streeto (oterrain_global and oterrain_ioa are similar but with no contours)

blueprint blueprint (only on it's own edition which uses the Global edition database)

urban_skeleton urban_skeleton (not currently on OOMap)


OpenOrienteeringMap. Includes the website, tiling scripts, and mapnik stylesheets for OOMap and other raster tile layers.




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