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OONI Probe Android
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OONI Probe Android Slack Channel Build Status

OONI Probe is free and open source software designed to measure internet censorship and other forms of network interference.

OONI Probe Android

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Other supported platforms: iOS, Desktop, CLI

Developer information

This application requires Android Studio. We use gradle and, as part of the initial gradle sync, Android studio will download all the required dependencies. The most important dependency is measurement-kit which is fetched from our Bintray jcenter repository.

Building an apk

Ensure you have Android Studio and Android SDK installed. Build fullRelease variant using Android Studio or this command line:

./gradlew assembleFullRelease

Building the app for f-droid

Instead to build the app to stay compliant to F-Droid use fdroidRelease, contains small tweaks required to have the app accepted by f-droid.

./gradlew assembleFdroidRelease

Managing translations

To manage translations check out our translation repo and follow the instructions there.


  • Write some code

  • Open a pull request

  • Have fun!

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