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This is the android version of ooniprobe.

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This application requires Android Studio. We use gradle and, as part of the initial gradle sync, Android studio will download all the required dependencies. The most important dependency is measurement-kit which is fetched from our Bintray jcenter repository.

Building an apk

Ensure you have Android Studio and gradle installed.

On macOS you can do:

brew cask install android-studio

Then you should open the project in Android Studio and click on build.

The built apk will end up inside of app/build/outputs/apk/.

If you wish to test the apk inside of an emulator this can be done with (assuming you have created an emulator named Nexus_5_API_23_marshmallow_6.0):

~/Library/Android/sdk/tools/emulator -avd Nexus_5_API_23_marshmallow_6.0
~/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb install app/build/outputs/apk/app-debug.apk

The app should then be installed inside of the emulator Nexus_5_API_23_marshmallow_6.0.

Building the app for f-droid

Just use the f-droid branch rather than the master branch. We periodically merge master into f-droid and tag releases with the -fdroid suffix.

Compared to master, the f-droid branch contains small tweaks required to have the app accepted by f-droid.

Managing translations

To manage translations ensure you have installed the transifex command line tools.

Pushing source text

To push the source of the translation run:

tx push -s

Pulling translations

To pull in translations run:

tx pull


tx pull -l [lang_code]

to pull only a specific language

Generating descriptions for market

To generate translated descriptions for the markets run:

python scripts/gen-descriptions.py [lang_code]

Where lang_code is the language code for the description you want to generate.

This will print to standard output the translated text that you can then copy and paste into the market descriptions.

If a string is not translated it will print the source for the text.