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This is my personal setup used on my daily driver, a 2012 MacBook Pro. The purpose of this repository is to give me an easy way to setup any new MacOS install, and if I'm lucky, inspire or help someone else.


Key Bindings

A more useful caps lock key

By repurposing the anachronistic caps lock key, we can make control and escape accessible via the home row.

  • Tap caps lock for escape
  • Hold caps lock for control

(S)uper (D)uper Mode

To activate, push the s and d keys simultaneously and hold them down. Now you're in (S)uper (D)uper Mode. It's optimized for keeping you on the home row, or very close to it. Now you can:

  • Use h / j / k / l for left/down/up/right respectively
  • Use a for option (AKA alt)
  • Use f for command
  • Use space for shift
  • Use a + j / k for page down / page up
  • Use i / o to move to the previous/next tab
  • Use u / p to go to the first/last tab (in most apps)
  • Use a + h / l to move to previous/next word (in most apps)

Default app keybindings

  • hyper + b to open Safari ("B" for "Browser")
  • hyper + c to open Discord ("C for "Chat")
  • hyper + d to open 2Do ("D" for "Do!" ... or "Done!")
  • hyper + e to open Visual Studio Code ("E" for "Editor")
  • hyper + f to open Finder ("F" for "Finder")
  • hyper + g to open Mailplane ("G" for "Gmail")
  • hyper + s to open Spotify ("S" for "Spotify")
  • hyper + t to open iTerm2 ("T" for "Terminal")

Shell keybindings

  • Use control + f to go to the beginning of the line
  • Use control + g to go to the end of the line
  • Use control + n to go to go forward one word
  • Use control + b to go to go back one word
  • Use control + e to delete the line


I am using Zsh as my shell and Antibody to manage my plugins.

Alias and functions

To make things easier I like to use alias and functions for common command sequences. TODO: Actually talk about the alias and functions


  1. Install [Karabiner-Elements 12.2.0][karabiner] if missing
  2. Install [Hammerspoon 0.9.73][hammerspoon] if you haven't already
  3. TODO: Finish this
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