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Releases: opa334/TrollStore


30 Mar 17:44
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  • Fix inaccurate error description when installing an app with additional encrypted binaries (2.0.14 regression)
  • Add option in the root helper to specify root helper and persistence helper executable paths when installing a persistence helper


27 Mar 22:42
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  • Fix inaccurate pre-applied exploit type identification (contributed by @luken11)
  • Fix ldid and the CoreTrust bypass sharing the same error code


03 Mar 11:36
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  • Don’t apply CoreTrust bypass to DWARF MachO files
  • Add skip-uicache option to the TrollStore root helper
  • Apply CoreTrust bypass using OpenSSL instead of a template signature blob (contributed by @dhinakg)


27 Jan 01:12
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  • Add an option to launch an app with JIT (Only shown when the app has the get-task-allow entitlement) (Contributed by @khanhduytran0)
  • Add a URL scheme to launch an app with JIT (apple-magnifier://enable-jit?bundle-id=<Bundle_ID>), this can allow a sandboxed app to semi-automatically get JIT, it will switch to TrollStore and then back to the app with JIT enabled (Only works when URL scheme is enabled in TrollStore settings!) (Contributed by @khanhduytran0)
  • Fix a UI bug where icons of newly (un)installed applications would not update until restarting TrollStore if an icon had already been previously cached


12 Jan 20:49
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  • Fix a UI bug where app icons could appear in the wrong row under certain conditions


12 Jan 17:10
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  • Fix a 2.0.9 regression where app installations would fail with error 175 if any of the binaries contained inside the app had no entitlements at all
  • Improve encryption detection code to not produce an error if only some binaries are encrypted, now as long as the main binary is decrypted, only a warning will be shown


11 Jan 19:26
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  • Add the ability for TrollStore itself to enable developer mode on iOS 16+ (Contributed by @dhinakg)
  • Add an error message when encrypted binaries are found


29 Nov 17:50
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  • Fix chinese wifi issues on iOS 16+ (Contributed by @Halo-Michael)
  • Deprecate TSBundlePreSigned in favour of TSPreAppliedExploitType (1 for signed with old bug, 2 for signed with new bug) TSBundlePreSigned=1 is treated as TSPreAppliedExploitType=1 (Contributed by @luken11)


28 Nov 13:16
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  • Restore support for apps that have the entitlement (got broken in 2.0.6) (e.g. Dopamine, TrollSpeed, etc.)

Notes from 2.0.0:

Uses ChOma library for MachO parsing (not in the best state right now but it works for applying the bypass :D):

Big thanks to @alfiecg24 for providing the bypass and helping with automating it using ChOma and @TheRealClarity for some minor contributions to ChOma.

For early installing: If you can manage to replace a removable system app with PersistenceHelper_Embedded (using MDC / kfd), then reboot the device and run it afterwards, the replaced app can be used to install TrollStore.


28 Nov 11:51
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  • Fix all installed apps getting the same data container (Apps installed with TrollStore 2.0.0 - 2.0.5 need to be reinstalled for this to be fixed for them)
  • Sync latest uicache changes from Procursus (Had one additional bug fix)
  • Fix some more uicache inaccuracies with data containers that I only noticed now due to the new data container fix now