List of strategies

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Strategy Maintained by
Basecamp   Basecamp 2.0 (37 signals) t1mmen
Behance   Behance markusbegiebing
Bitbucket   Bitbucket (oAuth 1.0) fancyguy
Bitbucket   Bitbucket (oAuth 2.0) t1mmen
Bitly   Bitly jelled
CampaignMonitor   CampaignMonitor t1mmen
Disqus   Disqus rasa
Do   Do arbales
Dropbox   Dropbox t1mmen
Evernote   Evernote evernote (official)
Facebook   Facebook uzyn
Flickr   Flickr pocket7878
Foursquare   Foursquare pocket7878
Freckle   Freckle t1mmen
GitHub   GitHub uzyn
Google   Google uzyn
Harvest   Harvest t1mmen
Instagram   Instagram muhdazrain
LinkedIn   LinkedIn uzyn
LINE   LINE pastatsh
Live Connect   (Windows) Live uzyn
mixi   mixi ritou
OpenID   OpenID uzyn
Outlook & Office 365 t1mmen
PayPal   PayPal rasa
Sina Weibo   Sina Weibo (新浪微博) dgrabla
Slack   Slack t1mmen
Strava   Strava phillprice
Timely   Timely t1mmen
Tumblr   Tumblr jelled
Trello   Trello t1mmen
Twitter   Twitter uzyn
Ultrareg   Ultrareg t1mmen
Vimeo   Vimeo LubosRemplik
VK   VKontakte dgrabla
Yahoo! Japan   Yahoo! Japan (YConnect) ritou
Yammer   Yammer andrej-griniuk
ResourceGuru   ResourceGuru Wessel Louwris


  • OAuth
    This is a generic OAuth strategy intended as a helper for developers of Opauth strategies, especially those that are based on OAuth.

Requested strategies:

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See also

Strategy contribution guide - guide on how to make an Opauth strategy

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