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+Building the pvr addons standalone:
+1) Install Visual C++ Express 2010 (follow the instructions on the wiki for XBMC itself)
+2) Open this solution from project\VS2010Express\xbmc-pvr-addons.sln
+3) Select the wanted configuration "Debug" or "Release"
+4) Press F7 to build the solution
+Still a TODO. The buildsystem does not yet generate .zip archives
+Workaround: copy the wanted pvr addons to your XBMC installation by hand.
+Example: addons\pvr.demo\addon\*.* => YOUR_XBMC_DIR\addons\pvr.demo\*.*
+Building the pvr addons together with xbmc:
+describe how to import the "xbmc-pvr-addons.sln" in "XBMC for Windows.sln"
+XBMC Windows installer with included pvr addons:
+Not yet possible. Still a TODO.

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